The internet has given us constant, 24/7 debate about every issue facing us today, but there are fewer and fewer opportunities for deep, truthful discussion of the issues affecting our lives. Meanwhile the UK is at a delicate point, culturally and economically, struggling to escape environmental and economic crisis and divided about how best to take our country forward for the benefit of all.

The Lock-in is a live web TV show, currently at pilot stage, in which intimate long-form conversations between groups of strangers are broadcast via internet video streaming, and supported by extended conversation between the audience on social media. This is a simple, engaging format to create frank, incisive debate about the things that matter to all of us.

The first Lock-in was held at V22 art space in Bermondsey, South London, and focussed on two subjects close to our hearts: technology and the human mind. The guests included noted author and journalist Bryan Appleyard, Jongleurs founder Maria Kempinska, and Professor Barry Smith, Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London. The guests discussed how technology is changing our sense of self, how much we really know about the mind, and what constitutes a ‘self’ in the digital age, and they were joined on Twitter by viewers from several countries.

The Lock-in is a collaboration between the author Andrew Gibson and the writer, actor and academic Jack Klaff. Jack has extensive experience on stage and screen and won a prestigious Archangel Award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. He has held visiting professorships at Princeton and Starlab in Brussels, and associate and producer roles with IntelligenceSquared.

Jack and Andy met at a party in 2007 and have been collaborating ever since. They are both old enough to know better.