Andy Gibson is an experienced keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator, and comfortable speaking on a wide range of events and subjects. He speaks internationally on a range of topics including business, innovation, campaigning, psychology and social change, for hosts as diverse as IABC, the Nature Conservancy, the Canola Council of Canada, the Royal Society of Arts, the Guardian and South by Southwest Interactive.

Recent and upcoming talks include:

  • A mind for business: using psychology to harness the potential of your staff
  • How to be happy, though human: understanding our nature to live and work better
  • We are all creative: how everyone can come up with new ideas and solve complex problems
  • Changing minds: how Mindapples changed the culture of mental health
  • Human 2.0: the risks of human enhancement and the future of evolution 
  • Mind, body - and spirit? Secular spirituality in the age of reason
  • Thoughtful leadership: how to lead with minds in mind

Talks and "lunch and learns" on specific aspects of mental wellbeing and performance are also available through Mindapples.

Selected talks

What people say

Excellent session, with engaging & very useful content.
... the presenter was excellent!
— Morgan Stanley, 2017 (100% rated excellent and would recommend to colleagues)
Andy’s talk came up again and again and again as a highlight. People literally lit up. Fabulous to have such talent on stage.
— Michael Ambjorn, IABC Chair, World Conference, New Orleans 2016 (1000 delegates)
Andy speaks to a crowd in a way that feels 1:1.
— Conference delegate, 2016, via Twitter
Surpassed all my expectations. Andy was simply amazing, my team said it was the best training they had ever received and I totally agreed it was money well spent!
— Atlantic College, 2016
An inspirational and infectious speaker... a good mix of humour, passion, theory and practice... Entertaining and brilliant.
— Civil Society Conference, 2016 (rating: 4.85 out of 5 by 200 delegates)

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