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Selected media coverage

Businesses are big buildings full of minds these days. That’s the key unit of production and we need to understand how they work.
— Jazz FM’s Business Breakfast, March 2015
As neuroscience and psychology reveal more about how our minds work, we think huge progress can be made through basic mental health literacy training.
— The Guardian, April 2012
Mindapples is an idea that is gaining ground at a time when both professionals and politicians are focusing on people’s well-being.
— The Telegraph, May 2011
We want the brand to be beautiful in a way that people want to come in and colour it
— Design Week, April 2010
Speaking to the local audiences spanning the PR, marketing, web, legal and tourism sectors, [Andy] emphasised that the use of social media is no longer a matter of choice.
— International Finance Centre News, Oct 2009
My time is divided between consulting for third parties and working on my own projects.
— Sunday Observer profile, Dec 2009
we also ended up on Techcrunch, the Guardian and even in Wikipedia
— SXSW World magazine quote about the infamous #kebab panel, May 2009
We all have mental health, we just don’t normally notice it unless it goes wrong.
— RSA Journal, Sept 2008
It’s about capitalising on education’s long tail
— Times interview, Aug 2008