This month the School of Everything was shortlisted by Seedcamp as one of the top 20 tech start-ups in Europe. We didn't get the final round of funding but it's a brilliant endorsement for what we're doing - and from some of the most respected people in the web 2.0 world. We're also in the FT today. Here's an excerpt: (if you're registered, the full article is here)

One characteristic that seems to differentiate the Seedcamp start-ups from their US counterparts is the importance of social causes over the desire to make money.

The team behind School of Everything, an online marketplace to bring together private teachers and students, have backgrounds in journalism and social activism. Their technical director missed a day of Seedcamp so he could buy a tank to drive to a protest at a London arms fair.

Our CTO Pete was also in the mainstream press for driving said tank to the arms fair, which just goes to show there are more ways to get press coverage than you might think. Seth Godin would be proud.