Living from day to day

Very busy at the moment (plus ca change) but lots of interesting things in the pipeline.  Interesting Drupal developments afoot, of which more later, and School of Everything is speeding up like a herd of very purposeful buffalo. But most of my headspace this week has been taken up with this week's idea for Social Innovation Camp. Our daily habits are such a crucial part of who we are and how we relate to the world, so isn't it about time we started thinking about how they affect our minds? And can sharing and discussing our habits online make us more conscious of them, and help us be healthier and happier?

I'm hoping SI Camp can provide the springboard to launch this as a proper campaign, and potentially Sociability's first straight "social" project. So if you've got any comments, want to help, or wouldn't mind sharing your own five-a-day, let me know.