Andy Gibson explains

Thought it worth reblogging this from Craig at the O'Reilly GMT blog has very kindly posted a video interview with me explaining the Mindapples project and talking a bit about how far we've got.

He caught me on the hop a bit: no time to do my hair, although I did manage to dress up a bit.

Here's the video from YouTube below. Please do reblog it, Twitter it and send it round to friends and associates, and help us get a bit more attention.


More videos of me with bad hair

It's dangerous who you get talking to these days: in this age of consumer media and mobile technology, everyone's a TV journalist. I went for a drink in the sunshine with Stowe Boyd yesterday after the School of Everything Tech Advisory Board, and the next thing I know I'm being interviewed on his N82 and streamed live to his blog:

The technology was so quick, I didn't even have time to do my hair...

SI Camp: The Movie

Social Innovation Camp: the Movie is now online, courtesy of our friends at The People Speak:

Feeling incredibly inspired now. We must do it again!

(I don't really think the truth is overrated by the way...)